Saturday, January 29, 2011

More re measures to protect Egyptian Museum

MSNBC (Alan Boyle)

The situation in Egypt may be grim, but the government and the protesters agree on at least one thing: The golden mask of Tutankhamun and the nation's other ancient treasures must be protected from harm.

When fire broke out tonight at the ruling National Democratic Party's headquarters in central Cairo, an urgent call was issued by Khaled Youssef, an Egyptian film director who has made movies critical of government policies. "I am calling on the Egyptian army to head instantly to the Egyptian Museum. There is a fire right next to it in the party headquarters," he told the Al Arabiya television channel in a report relayed by Reuters.

As the fire raged, would-be thieves started entering the grounds surrounding the museum, The Associated Press reported. But other young men, some armed with truncheons taken from the police, formed a protective human chain outside the museum's main gates. "

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AliceG said...

Is there any word about Zahi? I haven't heard a thing. And I don't know that much about the government there. Is he out? Heck of a time for my satellite do be down! At least they are protecting the museum.