Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brooklyn's last full week at the Temple of Mut, Luxor

Brooklyn Museum (11th Feb, Mary McKercher)
Brooklyn Museum (14th Feb, Richard Fanzzini)

With details of the final week of excavation at the site, accompanied as usual by some great photos.

This is the posting intended for January 28 but not sent because of the lack of internet service in Egypt at that time. Richard and I have decided to post this dig diary entry as originally written and will follow up next week with an “end of the season” posting.

We were able to finish the short study season as scheduled and never felt at risk while in Luxor. By February 1, though, the options for getting a flight out of Luxor were becoming rather limited as most tourists had left and few planes were flying into or out of the city. We decided to cut down our post-season “leisure time” and leave for home a few days early. Although the internet was back up by about February 2, the need to complete reports and last-minute details before our February 4 departure left us no time for dig diary postings before we left.

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