Saturday, February 26, 2011

Calls for change at Al Ahram

The Arabist (by Ursula Lindsey)

This is slightly off-topic but I include it because Al Ahram Weekly and Al Ahram Online are two great sources for reliably presented information about official archaeological work in Egypt. See the above page for the links.

One of the most interesting (and hard to follow) phenomena of the moment in Egypt is the proliferation of demands for reform at the level of institutions and workplaces. At all sort of different organizations, workers are demanding the resignation of top officials and the institutions of more equitable pay scales.

I just did a piece looking at this for the radio show The World. One of the people I spoke is my old friend Sabah Hamamou, who is one of the leaders of an effort to reform state newspapers. She and 300 other journalists wrote a letter of apology to readers for Al Ahram's coverage of the protests. The editors refused to print it so they called a press conferences and read it out loud. They have also created a Facebook group called The Front to Save Al Ahram (there is another Facebook group calling for a boycott of the paper until its management changes).

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