Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unemployed archaeologists protest at Ministry

National Geographic (David Braun)

Sky News was interviewing Hawass in his office yesterday when the Minister's assistant interrupted to say a crowd was trying to break down the gates. Hawass used his mobile phone to call in the Army, Sky reported.

"It's chaos," Hawass told the Sky News team. "The revolution will destroy Egypt. It's happening everywhere. How can I suddenly give all these people jobs."

As the journalists left the ministry, Sky News said, the crowd forced the gates and stormed the forecourt shouting: "Give us work."

"Ahmad showed us his degree certificate and masters in archaeology. He had come many times to the ministry to find work but nepotism and corruption meant it was always someone else who was hired," Sky News reported.

At the famous pyramids of Giza, Sky News continued, "A camel belched angrily at our camera while his owner said he could only afford to feed him twice rather than five times a day. Others told us they were forced to sell off their animals to raise money to feed their families.

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