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Egyptian Archaeology (EES) No.38, Spring 2011

Egypt Exploration Society

Egyptian Archaeology 38

EA 38 (spring 2011) was published in February. In addition to articles, it contains reports on the EES Centenary Awards, recent EES events and details of a new edited film of the Society's work at Amarna in the 1930s. Aidan Dodson contributes an appreciation of Barry Kemp after he was awarded a CBE in the New Year's Honours List, and this issue also includes an interview with Kent Weeks.

EA 38 contains the following articles:

Angus Graham - Ancient Theban waterways
Theresa Steckel - A statue of Ramesses II from Tell Basta
Khaled Daoud - The tomb of the Royal Envoy Nakht-Min
Joanne Rowland - A new era at Quesna
Maria Correas-Amador - A survey of the mud-brick buildings of Qena
Richard Bussmann - Seals and seal impressions from Hierakonpolis
Christophe Thiers and Pierre Zignani - The temple of Ptah at Karnak
Christiane Ziegler - Undisturbed Late Period tombs at Saqqara
Joanne Rowland and Christopher Bronk Ramsey - Online C14 database for Egypt
Richard B Parkinson - A papyrus from the House of Life at Akhetaten

Bookshelf has reviews by Karen Exell (Stephen Quirke, Hidden Hands), Andrew Bednarski (Jason Thompson, Edward William Lane), Aidan Dodson (Herbert Winlock and Dorothea Arnold, Tutankhamun's Funeral) and Morris Bierbrier (Jason Thompson, A History of Egypt and Robert Tignor, Egypt. A Short History).

Digging Diary has brief reports on recent fieldwork in Egypt.

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