Wednesday, March 30, 2011

London museums urged to show more 'hidden' artefacts

BBC News

Museums in London are being urged to get more of their collections out of storage and on display as funding cuts will mean fewer landmark exhibitions.

Many museums in the capital keep more than 90% of their collections stored away.

The Museums Association says despite the current economic climate it wants to challenge venues to offer more to the public.

The government says national museums will face a funding cut of 15%.

A BBC Freedom of Information request found the British Museum had spent £86,280 in 2009 and 2010 keeping 99% of its collection in storage.

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Stuart Tyler said...

Good. My own interests have led me to the conclusion that the BM hides most of their items in storage. Many items are not photographed- or at least have the usual "no image available" online.

What's the point of collecting so many items if you do not have the capacity to display them?

I would love to see a really well run system in place where museums in England lend items which have been stored- so that those of us who wish to study them, can.