Saturday, April 09, 2011

GE Healthcare Gives CT Scans to Mummies

Today's TMJ4 (Jesse Ritka)

They have been dead for thousands of years, but some very special patients could still help save lives. They date back to 250 B.C. but they still have access to the latest in CT scan technology.

Nilesh Shah of GE Healthcare CT Scans tells TODAY’S TMJ4 Jesse Ritka "These are built for living patients to help them and get treated better but now they get mummies scanned. We tell patients when they are being scanned to hold their breath I guess we don't have that problem with the mummies, they are very still."

A selection of mummies from the Mummies of the World Exhibit may be thousands of years old but scientist at the GE Healthcare Campus in Waukesha hope their ancient remains help the patients of tomorrow.

Researchers found a circular hole on a CT scan of one of the mummy’s sculls, it could be evidence of early Egyptian brain surgery.

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