Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hawass and the avoided prison sentence

Hawass has been figuring very prominently in the headlines at the moment, partly because of the clothing line he gave his name to (see post below) but mainly because of the prison sentence which he has now apparently escaped. A law suit had been brought against him for failure to comply with a court ruling regarding the gift shop in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The judgment and sentence were fought in a court of appeal and the the original court's ruling was overturned.

Articles and posts about avoiding the prison sentence:

Al Ahram Weekly
(summary from the point of view of the Ministry of Antiquities, but before the results of the appeal had been announced)
Talking Pyramids (Vincent Brown's summary of the reasons for the original judgement, looking at the evidence) (a statement by Zahi Hawass on the reprieve)
CNN (an overview of the reasons for the lawsuit and the arguments made at the appeal)
Africa Online (short summary)

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