Saturday, April 23, 2011

New site openings (Zahi Hawass)

According to Hawass the following sites are to open soon. There are some notes about some of the sites on the above page.

  • The Hanging Church (Coptic), Cairo
  • Suez Museum
  • Crocodile Museum, Kom Ombo
  • Visitor Centre, Amarna (Thanks to Claudia Ali for the correction)
  • Zaghloul Mosque, Cairo
  • Six Islamic-era houses, Rashid
  • Salaheddin Citadel, Taba
  • Qalawoun complexes in Al-Muizz Street, Cairo
  • The mosque of Prince Soliman, known as the Hanging Mosque, Cairo
  • The restored Serapeum, Saqqara
  • New Kingdom cemetery (including tombs of Maya and Horemheb), Saqqara
  • The restored Temple of Hibis, Kharga Oasis


Claudia Ali said...


sorry, but Hawass mentioned a "the visitor center in Amarna", not in Aswwan.


Andie said...

Thanks for this Claudia. I'll change it. As I was typing it I was surprised, because Aswan has the marvelous museum, and I thought that the investment could have been better used elsewhere. And it so it turns out that it is! Andie