Thursday, April 14, 2011

A shameless plug for the a Bloomsbury Study Day on the Hyksos (London, UK)

Bloomsbury are reinstating their annual study days. This year's will take place in London on Saturday May 14th: The Hyksos Legacy: Technology, Arts and Culture in the Age of the Chariot with Dr Stephen Harvey as the principal lecturer.

This study day will examine the legacy of the Hyksos and other foreign influences on Egypt in the developing empire of the New Kingdom. Once seen as mysterious invaders from the East, the Hyksos may now be regarded as important catalysts for technological and cultural change in Egypt. The Hyksos Period in Egypt represents about a century of foreign rule by settlers and occupiers from the Levant (ca. 1650-1525 BCE). Perhaps best known for their apparent introduction of the horse and chariot to Egypt, the Hyksos rulers seem to have been responsible for introducing a wide series of technological innovations, including glass making, metallurgical technologies, and the use of the compound bow, while the Canaanite religion of these people was in part adopted within the Egyptian pantheon. Following the defeat of the Hyksos, Egypt expanded the borders of her empire, and engaged in vigorous international diplomacy, warfare, trade and exchange of ideas, building on the innovations developed in response to Hyksos influence.

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