Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KV63 update from Otto Schaden

Luxor News (Jane Akshar)

I have some reports done, one just out is "KV63 Update: The 2011 Season," KMT 22 (No. 2, Summer 2011), pp. 33-41, which covers some of the work on KV-63's Coffins A and C, the ceramics, some of the seal impressions and some comments on Coffin E's garland (E.4).

Another paper will be submitted to the ASAE shortly, plus a brief summary for Orientalia.

When the political problems arose last January, we just kept working. The closure of banks and the halting of internet access proved to be only temporary inconveniences. While some missions shut down, we continued working to the scheduled end (early March).

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