Thursday, June 09, 2011

Egyptian item repatriated from the UK

Luxor Times

With photos.

Back from an auction hall in London, Egypt managed to retrieve a granite relief which is a part of a bigger scene from the 30th dynasty temple of Isis in Bahbit Al hegara, Delta(known as Iseum or Isaeum). The relief depicts a head and shoulders of Apis dated back to King Nectanebo II (380-343 B.C) and it was documented by Chrisitan Favard meeks in 1977 as well as the Egyptian Atiquities records in 1989.

On Friday 5th January 1990, a guard working at the temple site reported that thugs attacked the site and stole some artefacts and next day the inventory showed missing pieces which were reported and the retrieved artefacts is one of them.

There are a number of posts about this on Egyptian sate-run sites as well but all of my usual Egyptian sites are inaccessible today (including Ahram Online, Al Ahram Weekly, the Egyptian Gazette and the Egypt State Information Service). I'll post those links when the sites come back up.

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