Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exhibition: Pharaoh - King of Egypt

British Museum Blog (Margaret Maitland)

The forthcoming new British Museum touring exhibition Pharaoh: King of Egypt explores both the myths and realities of kingship in ancient Egypt. With 130 objects, from a larger than life-size royal tomb guardian statue, exquisite jewellery, and palace decorations, to defaced royal monuments and accounts of assassination and civil war, Pharaoh: King of Egypt is the largest ever UK loan of Egyptian objects from the British Museum.


Lorraine said...

Really looking forward to this exhibition!!

Lorraine Rimmer

Stuart Tyler said...

Birmingham and Bristol here i come.

I have my fingers crossed for the inclusion of Hatshepsut (on a selfish note, of course!!)


Stuart Tyler said...

Checked, and Hatshepsut is nicely covered, as are many others.

Can't wait!