Monday, June 27, 2011

Online: Magic of King Tutankhamun

Wizzley (Kate Phizackerley)

Kate has written a tabloid-style article about the magic of Tutankhamun during the Egyptian revolution. You can find it on the above page.

Only two tombs in Valley of the Kings, the graveyard of many of the most famous kings of ancient Egypt, escaped plunder thousands of years ago: the famous tomb of Tutankhamun and that of Yuya and his wife Thuya. Although Yuya may seem much less famous than Tutankhamun, he is often believed to be the real Biblical Joseph made famous by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is probably the great-grandfather of Tutankhamun. The great tragedy of the break in at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, one of the world’s greatest museums, is that items from both these tombs were stolen, breaking up collections of objects which had survived intact for nearly 3,500 years.

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