Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breaking News - Hawass replaced as Minister of Antiquities?

There are reports coming in that Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities, has resigned his position or been replaced during or following the most recent cabinet reshuffle. It appears that his replacement is Dr Abdel Fattah Al-Banna from Cairo University. There are, as yet, no official statements on the subject. One of the reports has appeared on Bikya Masr and another on The Daily News Egypt.

The only things that I have been able to find out about Al-Banna are that he is an expert in stone restoration and, according to Al Ahram Weekly, led a protest to oust Mark Lehner and his team from the AERA dig house earlier this year.

I will post more news as I hear it. Thanks to those who have emailed me so far - do keep the news coming in.


Thutmose said...

I hope there aren't moves against Dr. Lehner. Everything I have read about his work is all above board, and he has done excellent work on the Giza Plateau.


Anonymous said...

Dr Hawass certainly had his faults - self-promotion being one of them - but he also did a great deal of good popularising Egyptology to a world-wide audience.

A pity politics always seems to find a way to intrude upon science.

Anonymous said...

Dr Bana has been ver load in his criticism of Hawass, and not always correct, making claims that the whole of the Tut exhibit is fake and that Hawass has stolen it. Not a great character to be head of the organisation.

AliceG said...

AGAIN! Just leave Mark Lehner alone. He seems like a good man and dedicated to his work. NOT to publicity.