Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society announces £2000 in donations


The Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) today announces the inaugural set of awards from its Donation Fund established in 2010. In this initial set of grants Reading based charity TVAES has awarded a total of £2000 to ten archaeological missions to Egypt and Sudan. Although some missions to Egypt were forced to interrupt work in Egypt during the revolution, many projects continued without a break, and a full season of work is anticipated during 2011-12. In announcing these grants today TVAES is supporting excavation, epigraphic, recording, conservation and survey work across eleven ancient Egyptian sites. Recognising the global nature of Egyptology the grants have been made not just to UK based institutions but also to those based in Russia, Belgium and the US with many of these missions working alongside Egyptian or Sudanese colleagues.

Applications were sought globally for grants and the fund was many times oversubscribed.

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