Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Photo for Today - Temple of Tod


Anonymous said...

Door jamb to a gateway? It looks like the decoration to the Ptolemaic Khonsu temple gateway but not as finely executed and there are more uncarved cartouches. Do you mind me asking how you got to the temple? When I tried to go, it was off-limits as I think there was restoration work being undertaken. That was in 1992-ish.

Andie said...

Hi CJB. No, of course I don't mind. I was there last Christmas and New Year (2010/2011) with my father. We went with a local taxi driver, arranged for us by the owner of the flats where we were staying. It was no problem at all, and we visited the tomb of Ahkhtifi at the same time. For both places we purchased tickets from the ticket office at the Temple of Luxor and at both sites we were left free to wander. Very enjoyable.

As an aside, Gebel Silsila, which we visited on the same holiday (and took special arrangements because of crossing into the Aswan govenorate), was at the time newly out of bounds for tourists, which no-one realized. The guard at first tried to extort a staggeringly large bribe from us to provide access, and when we refused he called the police to escort us from the area. The police were great, but explained that the site had very recently been closed to the public. We visited El Kab on the way back to Luxor.