Friday, August 05, 2011

Missing items recovered from Cairo Museum

Talking Pyramids (Vincent Brown)

With photos.

In yet another strange twist to the ongoing saga of the looting of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, two more of the stolen pieces have turned up. Where? Well, that’s the strange part – they were found INSIDE the museum itself during an inventory check of the museum contents.

How could this be?

Were they never actually stolen?

Were they simply ‘misplaced’?

Or were they stolen and then surreptitiously returned?

It is not the first time some of the stolen items were returned under bizarre circumstances. Readers of Talking Pyramids will remember the strange occurrence of the items that were reportedly left inside a black bag at the Shubra station and by sheer coincidence found by an employee of the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs (MSAA). This story was later changed, perhaps after it was realised to be too far fetched and unbelievable. The newer version of the same event was altered without any explanation.

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues (Paul Barford)

Paul looks at the inventory of lost items and attempts to work out what has and hasn't been returned to the museum.


Paul Barford said...

Just a point about the title here. The two objects we are talking about WERE on the two versions of the "missing items" list, and should not have been because (although "missing") they never actually left the building.

Andie said...

Cheers. Title changed.