Sunday, September 25, 2011

Resignation of SCA head refused

A few days ago a number of news sites reported that the new head of the SCA, Mohamed Abdel Fatah, had resigned from his position. The reason given was that he felt that he could not do the job properly without being given full authority, and that the SCA had become completely paralyzed. Here are some of those links:

Egyptian Gazette
Ahram Online

In a telephone interview he expanded upon his reasons for resigning:

In a telephone interview with Ahram Online, Mohamed Abdel Fatah, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, confirmed his resignation of the post. “I am fed up,” Abdel Fatah said angrily. “All these protests stand against proceeding with archaeological works properly,” he said.

“I cannot be responsible without concrete authority in my hands,” Abdel Fatah said. In fact, Abdel Fatah cannot put into effect any of his decisions until he has the approval of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.

He also asserted that there are specific people who are behind all protests in front of the Council for personal gains.

The latest news, from Ahram Online, is that the government has refused his resignation, but that Abdel Fatah has refused to return to the job until he has been given the authority needed to move forward. Here's an excerpt:
A day after the resignation of Mohamed Abdel Fatah, head of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), the Cabinet scheduled an appointment with him on Sunday to discuss the issues behind his resignation.

In a telephone interview with Ahram Online, Abdel Fatah said that he would not return to the post without having full authority in the post.


AliceG said...

Zahi wants his job aback!!!!!!!

Stuart Tyler said...

Let's hope not Alice. Egyptology needs a fresh break from the "old ways". Any more involvement by ZH will only inflame those who are protesting and those outside Egypt who have collectively been celebrating the possibilities for the future.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it was because he was note allowed to sign off LE300 in compensation to an inspector who lost a limb in the line of duty, without asking the temp government.

AliceG said...

OMG! That's horrible. Seems like an honorable man. Hope he stays.

Dylan Bickerstaffe said...

He needs to be given the authority to do his job properly. He also needs time to put things straight. The protesters can scarcely expect miracles.