Friday, September 30, 2011

Village family in Luxor cut off road against tour bus

Youm7 (Mostafa Gabr)

Families from the village of Marye in western Luxor cut off road leading to the temples of the King's Valley, holding up a tour bus behind the crowded cars across the road.

It was a response since the governorate didn’t give them alternative apartments contracts in place of the apartments they were displaced from.

A member of the people’s committee to solve the problem of Marey village, Hamdy el-Hanafy, said they met the governor of Luxor, Ezzat Saad, yesterday to finish off their problems and to sign in the compensation lists.

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AliceG said...

Give me a break! These people need to grow up. They are going to totally destroy the revolution. AND the country and the antiquities. Send in the UN police or something.