Sunday, October 30, 2011

i-Medjat, number 7

i-Medjat no.7

Can be downloaded free of charge from the above page, or go straight to the PDF here. Previous issues can also be downloaded.

i-Medjat is a recent egyptological journal edited by the Unité de Recherche-Action Guadeloupe (UNIRAG) and available for free in electronic form.

In ancient egyptian, the word Medjat means "papyrus roll".

The table of contents of the seventh issue is detailed below.

Editorial by Alain Anselin

(Hommage) Oum Ndigi, "Hommage à Jean Leclant", Université de Yaounde I.

(Article) Karine Gadré, "Developing ArchaeoAstronomy and Space Archaeology in the XXIth century", Chercheur associé, IRAP, Université de Toulouse & CNRS.

(Article) Graciela Gestoso Singer, "Submarine Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage", Egyptology Unesco World Heritage Centre.

(Article) Edwin van den Brink, "The International Potmark Workshop",

(Article) Alain Anselin, "L'Intention Phonétique VI. Les premiers papyrus et leurs signes : mDA.t un nouveau ... media".

(Article) Paula Veiga, "Poking into medicine in ancient Egypt", Lisboa, Portugal.

(Article) Mouhamadou Nissire Sarr, "Note sur les Médecins égyptiens et leurs compétences".

(Article) Jean-Philippe Gourdine, "Vers l'Egyptologie Moléculaire ? Notes sur la paléopathologie dans l'Egypte antique", Postdoctoral fellow, Biochemistry Department, Emory University, Atlanta (Georgia, USA).

(Colloquium) "Egypt at its Origins 4 - Fourth International Conference on Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, July 26-30, 2011."

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