Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Available in Italian and English. With reports, overviews and some great photos.

A new dam in the area of the 4th cataract will put under water all the islands and large territories along the Nile, up to Abu Hamed, sinking prehistoric and historic sites which have never been investigated (Fig. 1).The Sudanese authorities (National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums) invited all the archaeological mission working in the country to contribute to the rescue of sites upstream of the dam. Indeed, it is necessary to organise systematic survey activities and rescue excavations to record archaeological sites and materials in the flooded area (Figs. 2, 3, 4).

Several foreign missions have answered the call and some have started salvage campaigns in the area, like the Sudan Archaeological Research Society from London, the Archaeological Museum of Gdansk (Poland), the French Unit of the National Corporation for Antiquities and

Museums, the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA). A sector of the area has been assigned to the Italian mission which is actually conducting archaeological excavations in Central Sudan (El Salha Project directed by Donatella Usai on behalf of the Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient, sponsored by AREA OFFICE and GASID from Turin).

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