Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Google Reader - "Not Egypt But Interesting" widget

Thanks not at all to Google for deciding to update Google Reader in the most unfriendly way imaginable, the Share option has now vanished from aggregated posts, which means that I cannot update the Not Egypt But Interesting widget (or delete anything from it because the Shared Items archive appears to have vanished). If that feature is still unavailable in the next week I will remove the widget, for which my apologies to anyone who usually checks it.

The new Reader design is, at the same time, horribly ugly and has a ridiculous amount of white space where actual content used to be. See a good summary on Ian Visits, together with a solution to the white space problem if you have Greasemonkey and Firefox installed.

Google Reader's help pages are being inundated with complaints about the new design. Why on earth didn't they offer it in Beta so that people could feed back before it was imposed upon us?

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Stuart Tyler said...

i used to rely on Google. Everytime i search Google (for Egyptological stuff) i usually get some pretty innapropriate adult sites appear. This doesnt happen with other search engines. Google reader is clunky and looks like they couldn't be bothered to do a decent job. It's a mess and i now ignore it.