Sunday, January 15, 2012

More re the new tomb: A summary of the known facts to date

Egyptological (Kate Phizackerley)

Kate Phizackerley has posted a summary of the known facts to date, within the context of existing knowledge about excavations in the Valley of the Kings

The tomb was announced in Luxor by Mansour Boraik in Luxor and Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities in Cairo on 15th January 2012. A pre-annoucement a few days earlier had indicated that something had been discovered and would be revealed shortly.

KV64 is not in the central valley of the Kings. It is not on the hillside near KV8. It is not in the Western Valley. All of these have been mentioned as locations for KV64 – and indeed there is a probability of further finds in each of these areas. This is not then the story of the hunt for Tomb KV64, a story I will tell in full at a later date. Despite all the efforts which have gone into finding new tombs, like KV63 the new tomb was found by accident. The University of Basel has a concession to clean, document and record a number of the poorly studied undecorated tombs in the Valley of the Kings. During routine ground clearance they stumbled on two new features. One is a new feature near tomb KV40, reported as either a trial and abandoned shaft or possibly as foundation deposit for KV40. Dubbed KV40b, the details have not been fully reported and it was scheduled for investigation during winter 2011/12, although it may now take second place to KV64.

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Anonymous said...

So, unbeknown to his good self, Doctor Hawass was sitting a few metres from this find. Fate has a sense of irony. CJB

Andie said...

I have rarely had much to complain about re either fate or irony :-)