Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Nakhtamun (TT335) on Osirisnet


Those lovely people at Osirisnet have added yet another comprehensive overview to their growing encyclopaedia of information about tombs of Ancient Egypt, this time adding five pages about the tomb of Nakhtamun (TT335). Complete with descriptions, illustrations, photographs and translations of key hieroglyphic texts, this is yet another invaluable resource.

Tomb TT335 of the sculptor Nakhtamon was discovered by Bernard Bruyère on January 16th, 1925, just to the south of TT336, of his brother Neferrenpet and to the north of the one of his brother-in-law Qen, TT4. He is mentioned in both, as well as in TT217 of another of his brothers, Ipuy. Currently, the report of Bruyère, dating from years 1924-1925, in spite of its preliminary nature, constitutes the only source of information concerning the funerary complex detailed below.

This complex originally included a courtyard, a chapel and an underground system of chambers. It is especially this last which will be examined, because the three funeral chambers and their decoration are nearly intact. This typical example of the style known as monochrome painting is of exceptional quality and makes this tomb one of the jewels of Deir el-Medineh.

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