Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Pyramid Shafts: From Dixon to Pyramid Rover

Em Hotep! (Keith Payne)

Another excellent summary of a subject that fascinates the public.

Last May the Project Djedi Team caught the world’s attention, and imagination, when they announced that the robot crawler designed to explore the southern shaft leading out of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid had transmitted back images of markings left behind by the pyramid’s builders. Hidden behind a “door” that had either thwarted or limited previous attempts to investigate the shaft, the markings prompted much speculation about their nature and purpose.

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Keith Payne said...

Hi Andie,

Thank you for this very kind post! Something to look forward to: For the Djedi article that will follow the current robot article I have been in contact with Shaun Whitehead who has been kind enough to provide some clarifications and a very nice interview. I want to hasten to add that he will not be breaking anything new on Em Hotep, but he does answer my questions about some of the details in the official report. Mehdi Tayoubi, who was involved in the CAD/3D and VR technology that not only helped design Djedi but also to analylze and present the results, has also agreed to be interviewed, so it should be a very nice little set of articles!

Thanks again!