Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recent articles and albums on Egyptological

Edition 4 of the Magazine section of Egyptological is due out at the end of February. In our 'In Brief' and 'Photo Album' sections we publish pieces between editions. The following short articles and Photo Albums have been published on Egyptological over the last few weeks:


Lecture Review: Dr Elena Pischikova - Dancers, Donkeys, and Dirt: New Discoveries from the Time of the Black Pharaohs from South Asasif, Egypt. Review by Rebecca Kelly

Paneb - "The All Round Bad Guy"

Tomb KV64 in the Valley of the Kings - the Story as it Broke by Kate Phizackerley

Exhibition Spotlight: 'Before the Pyramids' at the Oriental Institute
by Brian Alm

Photo Albums

Djanet (Tanis) by Francis Lankester

Tombs at Djanet (Tanis) by Francis Lankester

Serabit el-Khadim by Francis Lankester

The Tomb of Horemheb by Kate Gingell

Tomb of Maya at Saqqara by Kate Gingell (

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