Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Future of Culture' seeks solution to 'identity confusion'

Ahram Online ('Farah Montasser)

The head of parliament's cultural committee, MP Mohamed El-Sawy opened a three-hour discussion on the cultural development in Egypt on El Sawy Culturewheel's nine-year anniversary.

The founder of the Culturewheel invited a number of key cultural players to join its conference on The Future of Culture in Egypt on Thursday 23 February. . . . .

The second council that should be set up, according to El Husseiny, is a “National Council for Antiquities”.
“I fail to understand why the current regime has decided to make antiquities into a ministry on its own when it is part of the Egyptian culture,” she commented, highlighting the importance of making it only a council under the umbrella of the cultural ministry.

“This council should supervise all of Egypt’s ancient sites and set standards for its proper use whether by government or private sectors.”

The “National Council of Heritage” comes as the ministry’s third establishment, El Husseiny added.  “The National Council of Heritage should include the national book and documents sector and all modern Egyptian museums such as the music library and that of modern arts, for example,” she explained.

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