Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mervat Nasser opens cultural village to rekindle Egyptian love of heritage

Egypt Today (Nadine El Sayed)

Nasser has had a standing interest in Egyptology and is an avid enthusiast and scholar versed in the philosophical and psychological heritage of ancient Egyptians. She's written various books on the subject, including a 40-part illustrated series for children on ancient Egypt, in an attempt to revive Egyptians’ interest in their heritage, especially the much-ignored rich intellectual heritage left by the ancient Egyptians.

Nasser wants to go beyond the Pyramids and the tombs and dig deeper into their ideologies and philosophies.

But 10 years ago, she decided it wasn’t enough to just write about it; so she placed all her eggs in one basket and literally put in all her funds into financing an eco cultural village in Minya.. . . .

But this isn’t your average eco-lodge in a no man’s land. Nasser is hoping the place will be “a beacon of light” for the surrounding community to rekindle Egyptians’ love for their heritage and promote the concept of responsible tourism for many sites to come.

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