Monday, March 12, 2012

Interview with Dr.Veldmeijer and Prof. Ikram re chariot discovery

Ancient Egypt Online  

Here's a short excerpt:

In a recent article in Nature (Click here to view this article), it was reported that new remains of a chariot were (re)discovered. Currently, Dr. André Veldmeijer (Netherlands Flemisch Institute in Cairo) and Prof. Dr. Salima Ikram (American University in Cairo) are analysing the find for future publication. Because this find will be of interest, not only to Egyptologists but to ancient Near Eastern scholars as a whole, AEO managed to contact these researchers to find out more.

Ancient Egypt Online (AEO): Can you tell me (AEO readers) how you became interested in ancient Egyptian Leatherwork?

Dr. André Veldmeijer (AJV): I have been working with footwear and stumbled upon leather shoes and sandals. That was basically the start of interest in leather; from here it spread out to leather in general rather than only footwear.

Dr. Salima Ikram (SI): I had been working on animals and their by-products and one day André and were chatting and discovered that we had a mutual interest in leather production.

AEO: Can you tell me (AEO readers) a little about the Chariot project and why it is significant to Egyptological research?

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