Friday, March 16, 2012

Progress at Kom el Daba

EES Delta Survey 

With photos.

We’ve completed our first full week of work here at Kom el-Daba and are very pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. The east wall of our ‘town house’ now extends for about 10m and just before we finished work today (as always happens on excavations!) we reached an ‘end’ which may be the south-east corner or may be the start of another sebakh pit – hopefully we will find out when work resumes on Saturday.

Town houses like this were built very substantially with the ‘walls’ of the foundations up to about 4m thick, enclosing a casemate (chambered) structure in the centre. Since the building had several floors it needed a substantial foundation to support the weight of the rooms above. The sebakh pits we have found are entirely within what would have been the thickness of the eastern wall. The EES/Gottingen team working at Tell Basta are also excavating a similar town house: 

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