Sunday, April 15, 2012

Minufiyeh - Closing up and up up and away!

EES Minufiyeh

With photos.

After a full day off writing reports, packing and washing on Friday, The time came once again to close up the site on Saturday 7th and prepare to head to our various homes. On Saturday morning we headed up to Quesna a little earlier than usual to leave ourselves plenty of time for re-organising our storage magazine. There were still boxes to be moved, final finds to be registered and then the official closing of the season!  Photographs were also taken, including those of the just completed ceramic coffins! We were lucky to have a couple of our workers with us once again to help move everything!Everything was completed by 11.30am and we then headed down to Quesna railway station to see Tass and Am Yasseen off - Tass to Cairo and Am Yasseen back to Quft.

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