Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The April/May issue of Ancient Egypt is now available.

Ancient Egypt Magazine

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CONTENTS - 71 - Volume Twelve Issue Five April/May 2012

News from the Editor - Egyptological news from Egypt and the UK, including a report on the Pharaoh King of Egypt Exhibition in Leeds.

Outstanding Egypt - Alan Jeffreys brings readers some beautiful nineteenth century stereo images of Egypt.

Egypt’s Green Pump for All Time - The story of the sakiyya is told by Bill Key.

The KNH Centre - The role of teeth in reconstructing life from the skeleton is described by Roger Forshaw.

Egypt in 1931 - Anne Midgley recreates her grandfather’s adventurous visit.

Egypt in 1949/50 - Ivan Sparkes describes his experiences as a soldier stationed in the country.

Meroƫ: The Last Outpost of Ancient Egypt - The history and monuments of this region in Sudanese Upper Nubia are examined and illustrated by Dr. Aidan Dodson.

Osiris: King of the Dead - The second in a series about Egypt’s gods and goddesses written by Dr. Joyce Tyldesley.

Egypt’s Heritage as Gifts - Hend Abd el-Rahman tells readers about the many treasures given away to foreigners.

Per Mesut: for Younger Readers - Hilary Wilson describes the use of horns in the iconography of ancient Egypt.

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