Sunday, May 20, 2012

Petrie images on Flickr

Egypt Exploration Society

Not to be missed!  These photos are super.

The EES Lucy Gura Archive contains numerous photographs from the digs of Flinders Petrie, the Society's first excavator, and the most prolific. In his 42 year career, Petrie explored more than 35 sites in Egypt as well as sites in Palestine and the Levant, published over 1 000 books and articles, and established the foundations of modern field archaeology. His achievements are too numerous to list, but include the establishment of sequence dating, the discovery of the city of Naukratis, the finding of the Israel Stela of Merneptah, and the establishment of a collection at University College, London which is now part of the collection of the eponymous Petrie Museum, UCL.

The photographs in the EES archive are mainly old glass negatives. Fortunately, these have been scanned, allowing us to make them available to scholars and enthusiasts. A small selection of these photographs have been uploaded to the Society's Flickr stream, and can been found here.

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