Sunday, May 13, 2012

University of Basel King's Valley Project - Perliminary Report 2012

University of Basel  (Susanne Bickel, Elina Paulin-Grothe)

A very useful report on the work being carried out by the University of Basel in the Valley of the Kings (including KV64). With photos, including a lovely coloured fragment of 18th Dynasty glass from KV64, the tomb whose discovery was announced in January..

Preliminary Report on the Work Carried out During the Season 2012

In the undecorated tombs KV 26, KV 29, KV 30, KV 31, KV 32, KV 33, KV 37, KV 40, KV 59, KV 61, and KV 64 in the Valley of the Kings

This year’s season of the University of Basel in the Valley of the Kings started on January 07th, 2012 and lasted until April 15th, 2012. . . . .

KV 64

The principal event this season was the discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

During the season of 2011, three edges of an unknown man-made feature were revealed at 1.80m north of KV 40, on the 25th of January, the first day of the Egyptian revolution. Due to the situation, work was stopped and the feature was covered with an iron door (Fig. 1).

As this structure is so close to KV 40 and since it was impossible to know whether it was merely an unfinished shaft or a real tomb, we gave it the temporary number 40b. As soon as it became apparent during this year’s work that the structure was actually a tomb, the Egyptian authorities decided to give it the final designation KV 64. The discovery was officially announced on January 15th.

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