Friday, February 15, 2013

News for 15th February 2013

Copied from Twitter @egyptologynews - in no particular order

Via Kasia Szpakowska ‏@SakhmetK: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, offering a summer position for a research associate in Egyptian art:

The first week of the Brooklyn Museum's dig diary in the Karnak area, with lots of great photographs

American Soc. Papyrologists invites papers for "Culture and Society in Greek, Roman and Byzantine Egypt" Chicago 2014

More news from the Amara West dig diary: "What a difference a day makes."

Man finds stuffed cat in attic is 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy. IBN Live

Live webcams will be placed in Egypt's major tourist areas to show the true conditions of the country. ANSAMed

This guide to the old Ashmolean Egypt galleries shows the old Victorian cabinets, themselves a bit of museum history.

iPad app: "Tour of the Nile" introduces Petrie Museum and uses Augmented Reality to explore artefacts in 3D. iTunes

Petrie Museum Object Analysis e-Learning Resource gives ability to analyse objects in 3D and to generate a catalogue

Al Ahram Weekly article re Hatshepsut’s Netery Menu chapel opening at Karnak and restoration of Amenhotep III colossi


Thutmose said...

Thanks for doing this Andie. :) There does appear to be a problem with the last link to the Amenhotep III colossi though.

Andie said...

Hello Thutmose - You're right! It results in flapping wings :-). Here's the correct link, which I've updated in the post:

Thutmose said...

Thanks. This is James in NZ by the way. ;)

Andie said...

Ah ha! You're using an alias :-). Good to have a proof reader.