Tuesday, February 12, 2013

News for 11th February 2013

Copied from @egyptolognews (Twitter)

Cleopatra's World - Lecture Series free to listen to on iTunes, with some very good names - http://itun.es/i6J25cj

Kasia Szpakowska Kasia Szpakowska ‏@SakhmetK
So pleased that "Companion to Women in the Ancient World" won a PROSE Award for Professional & Scholarly Excellence! http://bit.ly/WUcSW9

Lorna Richardson Lorna Richardson ‏@lornarichardson
What are your archaeological Internet habits? Where/how do you look for info about #archaeology? https://opinio.ucl.ac.uk/s?s=22070  Please RT/share!

More re restoration of newly discovered colossi of Amenhotep III. Ahram Online http://bit.ly/WEYcvO

Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile (AUC) wins professional (PROSE) ceremony in Washington. Daily News Egypt http://bit.ly/YRm0Lu

RT @historyancient: Free online: The role of the chantress in anc. Egypt. Suzanne Ostine. PhD Thesis, Univ Toronto 2001 http://bit.ly/12G8NtG

New on Osirisnet: The Old Kingdom tomb of Irukaptah at Saqqara, also called Khenu. http://bit.ly/Y60ZM4

Mummification Museum Lecture notes by Jane Akshar - The tomb of Panehsy, TT16. Lecture by Suzanne Onstine. Luxor News http://bit.ly/YR71Bu

The 1928 Italian-built El Shinawy Palace in Mansoura will be converted into an antiquities museum. Luxor Times http://bit.ly/X2fm34

New Book: The Signs of Which Times? Chronological and Palaeoenvironmental Issues in the Rock Art of Northern Africa. http://bit.ly/Z55Thq

Sad News: Obituary of geologist Rushdi Said who has died at the age of 93. Egypt Independent http://bit.ly/U5aFJ5

Saving the twin statues of Amenhotep III in Kom El Hetan, West Bank, Luxor. With photos. Luxor Times http://bit.ly/XpWttM

Book Review: D. Wengrow, What makes Civilization? The Ancient Near East and the Future of the West, 2010. Rosetta 11 http://bit.ly/Z53W4v

More re Hatshepsut limestone chapel that will be put on display for the 1st time at Karnak's open air mus. Ahram Online http://bit.ly/XpVkCx

Article about Frédéric Cailliaud's early 19thC accomplishments as explorer and scientist in Egypt. Saudi-Aramco World http://bit.ly/Vls5Q8

The villa of Kevork Ispenian, Giza, was looted and destroyed despite being on Egypt’s heritage list. Al Ahram Weekly http://bit.ly/YIyXar

Via @ArcEgyptologist. A roundup of some of the most notable new Egyptology books from 2012. Amun-Ra Egypt http://bit.ly/155FIaS

Book: M.F. Ayad, Coptic Culture: Past, Present and Future, 2011. Papers from a conference. http://bit.ly/WT4OVH  Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Neal Spencer Neal Spencer ‏@NealSpencer_BM
@susiezgreen launching photography kite above 3200-year old town of Amara West.  http://twitpic.com/c2ikv3

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