Wednesday, February 20, 2013

News for 20th February 2013

Copied from Twitter @egyptologynews.

Via HistoryoftheAncient ‏@historyancient: Article: Karnak: Where the digital age meets ancient Egypt

Remains of a mud-brick pyramid-shaped tomb cover belonging to vizier Khay (reign of Ramesses II) found. Ahram Online

Creating a pointcloud for a 3D model of houses in E13, Amara West, using a process called ‘Structure from Motion’.

Via @chrisnaunton. New book in German - the personal memories of the former Director General of the Egyptian Museum

Durham Univ. 3–4 March 2013 2-day international conference, The Construction of Time in Antiquity. lutz.doering [at]

Missed this a couple of wks ago: Campbell Price's Texts in translation #10: The Stela of Hesysunebef (Acc. No. 4588)

Penn Artefact Lab: A step a-“head”: improving storage for our mummified heads

Curator's Choice: Sue Giles on a toy from a child's grave at Bristol's King of Egypt show. Culture24

Discovery of Luxor tomb of Vizier Khay, “the First Royal Herald of the Lord of the two lands” announced. Luxor Times

Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor, fully illuminated at night for the first time. Lots of photos. Luxor Times

Amara West 2013: scarabs – for life and death.

Via Alice Williams ‏@alicewilliams86:
Fab new book on World Archaeology at the Pitt-Rivers, with fascinating chapters on the Egypt & Sudan collections:

Book Review - Americans in Egypt, 1770-1915

Upstairs, Dowstairs: contrasting palace life and village life at excavations in Malqata

New Book: Leatherwork from Qasr Ibrim (Egypt). Part I: Footwear from the Ottoman Period. André J. Veldmeijer 2013

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