Wednesday, February 13, 2013

News from 13th February 013

Copied from @egyptologynews

The Oriental Institute Electronic Publics. Initiative has made several new Egyptology publications available as PDFs:

I had missed that the Djehuty dig diary is back online for 2013, with several weeks already published (in Spanish):

Apologies if I've posted this before, but excellent if you are interested in Gilf Kebir: Wadi Sura project reports:

Super photo from 1920s Port Said. National Geographic.

Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 05: Ancient Egyptian Gods, Myths, and Legends.

Disputed St Louis Art Museum Ka Nefer Nefer mask settlement terms to be discussed on appeal. Cultural Heritage Lawyer

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology database images are now available under Creative Commons license C BY-NC-SA 3.0

Slightly off-topic but interesting. Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program. BBC

The Ptolemaic temple of Qasr Al Agouz on Luxor’s west bank is to open next week. With 3 photos. Ahram Online

Book: O.E. Kaper. Colours of the Oasis: Artists and the archaeology of Dakhleh Oasis. Only available from publisher

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