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Egyptology News 25th February - 2nd March 2013

Copied from @egyptologynews.  Apologies that this is such a long post.  I've been up to my ears in work and haven't had time to do much.  But this covers the period between 25th Feb and 2nd March, in no particular order as usual.

At the core of it: a Late Palaeolithic workshop, Wadi Kubbaniya, Upper Egypt. K.M. Banks & J.S. Snortland Antiquity

Experts doubt that the bones unearthed in 1904 in Turkey, belonged to Arsinoe IV, Cleopatra's half-sister. CS Monitor

Restoration Centre to be established at the Grand Egyptian Museum. Daily News Egypt

Job: Egypt Exploration Society, London, UK. Publications Manager

The mastaba of Neferherenptah at Saqqara ("The Bird Tomb") is now on wonderful Osirisnet at

New Digital Publication: Aksum and Nubia: Warfare, Commerce, and Political Fictions in Ancient Northeast Africa. AWOL

Photographs of the shoes found in Luxor temple. Discovery News

Antiquities ministry rejects finance ministry proposal to rent Egypt's famous sites to tourism companies Ahram Online

Lost and Found: Ancient Shoes Turn Up in Egypt Temple. Live Science

Spotlighting Fake Antiquities with Record Keeping Laws, quoting case of fake AE statue. Cultural Heritage Lawyer

The little-known archaeology of Gharb Aswan, Upper Egypt. Per Storemyr's Archaeology and Conservation blog

Statue of Champollion criticized by Egypt 135 years after it was placed in Collège de France in Paris. Ahram Online

Environment: Climate change and water mismanagement parch Egypt

Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 07: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt.

Article: The Egyptian Fortress in Jaffa. With photogrpahs. Popular Archaeology

First Vatican Coffin Conference. Vatican Museums, with Musée du Louvre, Paris and Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden

Last week of excavation at the Temple of Mut, Karnak, with lots of photos. Brooklyn Museum

Job: Egypt Exploration Society in London UK is looking for an enthusiastic and well-organised Office Manager

New Book: Images of Ancient Nubia. With slideshow. Oxford University Press

The Man Who Thought Like A Ship - author writing about the background to a book, looking at an Egyptian ship model

Aerial photography at Malqata as the dig closes for the season: …

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 5:1 is a special issue regarding seafaring and maritime interconnections

To celebrate 50th anniversary of the film Cleopatra, the restored premiere version is released on Blu-ray. comingsoon

Book review by Tim Reid: Abu Simbel. By William MacQuitty. G.P. Putnam's Sons 1965.

Very sad attack on the lovely 1910 Villa Casdagli in Cairo. Cairobserver  More photos here:

Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project: Website now includes photo coverage of all Hypostyle Hall interior wall scenes.

Egyptian mummy's elaborate hairstyle revealed in 3-D, a style that may have been inspired by Roman empress. NBC News

Applications are invited to TVAES 2013 Donation Fund (for AE field work, research, epigraphy and conservation).

The 27th International Congress of Papyrology in 2013 will be held in Warsaw. 29th July to 3rd August. Details are at

I was very glad to attend the Margaret (Peggy) Drower memorial evening at the @PetrieMuseEgypt last week. Great speakers and great stories.

Call For Papers - new, peer-reviewed Birmingham Egyptology Journal.

Job: Herbert Thompson Lecturer in Ancient Egyptian Language. University of Cambridge.

New book: Seth – A Misrepresented God in the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon? by Philip John Turner. Archaeopress

Bones found in Turkey are thought by archaeologist to be those of Cleopatra's half-sister. Newsobserver


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