Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Egyptology News for the 4th and 5th March

Copied from @egyptologynews.  Most recent at the top.

In Spanish. Looking for a solution for the long term preservation of Nubian temple of Debod (now in Madrid). AVAAZ http://bit.ly/15vUVBt

A report that says Egyptian antiquities officials have confirmed that a pipe has burst inside the Khufu boat museum. http://bit.ly/13BjZIG

Book available for pre-order: The Survey of Memphis VI. Kom Rabi'a: the late Middle Kingdom settlement (levels VI-VIII) by Lisa Giddy. EES http://bit.ly/WGHgBV

Read about the iPad app "Tour of the Nile" developed by the Petrie Museum 3D project, available free of charge. http://petriemuseum.com/blog/ton/

Video: Petrie 3D Cartonnage Conservation. Excellent demonstration of conservation in progress and the info obtained. http://bit.ly/13DTN0h

Via Jane Akshar: Valley of Kings reopened this afternoon http://nblo.gs/IUCDh

Further to my previous, all British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES) papers are online, free. http://bit.ly/TlUCUu

Free online article: The Middle Kingdom Stelae Publication Project. By Detlef Franke. BMSAES 1 (2002), 7-19. http://ow.ly/ilRIN

Two WC students are working to conserve 3,000-year-old mummy Ti-Ameny-Net and its coffin for display. The Collegian http://bit.ly/VyXrVI

Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 08: Magic in Ancient Egypt http://bit.ly/Ws8aCD

Amid declining tourist numbers, cash-strapped bazaar owners in Luxor block roads to West Bank sites. Ahram Online http://bit.ly/Z8EhST

Mummification Museum lecture notes: Ptolemaic Coins in Thebes by Thomas Faucher. Thanks to Jane Akshar. Luxor News http://bit.ly/WFEmTx

Conference: Household Studies in Complex Societies: (Micro) Archaeological and Textual Approaches. Oriental Institute http://bit.ly/10FiH9B

Free online article: Tomb and social status: The textual evidence. Nicole Alexanian (2004) http://bit.ly/13l5PLw

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