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Egyptology News 11th - 14th April 2013

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Feline. Qasr el Dush, Kharga Oasis, Western Desert

My photos of Victorian Egyptian Revival tombs at Kensal Green Cemetery,  a Petrie Museum visit led by Cathie Bryan, on Facebook but no Facebook account required to view the album

Site Management plan for the Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III mortuary temple project. Luxor Times  

Tercera estatua colosal que presidía la entrada norte del templo funerario de Amenofis III espeara su cabeza.  

Scenes from a Revolution part 7 - the looting of El Hibeh. With photographs. Hodder Education

And still more about the papyrus and the Red Sea port on Discovery News
More on the discovery of the 4th Dynasty port on the Red Sea coast. Egypt Independent

French-Egyptian archaeological mission discover the oldest commercial harbour from 4th Dynasty Khufu. Ahram Online

Los papiros del faraón Keops en el puerto más antiguo. El Mundo
Via Chris Naunton. Excellent slideshow looking at how Tutankhamun's portrait evolved. 82nd and 5th at the Met Museum  

Via GEM. If you fancy some heritage volunteering with a difference - writers and editors needed at GEM!
Volunteer opportunity: Interested in being the online voice of Group for Education in Museums. 6th item

The potential of Virtual Reality for virtual visits to ancient sites, amongst other things. New Scientist

Un incendie toujours inexpliqué a ravagé le Musée Cuming où étaient exposées pièces de l’Egypte Ancienne. Ahram Hebdo
Egyptian mummies yield genetic secrets. Next-generation sequencing finds DNA preserved in hot climates. Nature
The Documentation Centre for Sinai Heritage will soon open in Serabit Al-Khadim. Ahram Online

New Book: Djekhy & Son. Doing Business in Ancient Egypt. K. D. van Heel. AUC

 New Book: Christianity and Monasticism in Aswan and Nubia, eds Gawdat Gabra, Hany Takla. AUC

Egyptian tourism is continuing to suffer, with hotel occupancy in Luxor during the Easter peak at just 17%. Telegraph

Jornadas técnicas sobre momias. Métodos y propuestas para su preservación. ehu

New British Museum Future Curator, Anna Garnett, describes her experiences on Manchester Museum's blog

Good to see that the Gebel el Silsila Spring season will start on 15th April. See the Gebel el Silsila dig diary at

Book review by Tim Reid: "Unwrapping a Mummy" by John H. Taylor. University of Texas Press 1996. Egyptians  

Book Review: D.E. McCoskey,"Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy. Ancients and Moderns" Oxford University Press, 2012 BMCR  

In French. More re neglect of Cairo public parks. Looks at the decades-long decline of once lovely Ezbekiyah garden.

Via Neal Spencer Archaeologists -> Archaeology: the 1930s Univ. Michigan dig-house at Dime, Fayum (ancient town on horizon)  

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