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Egyptology News 15th and 16th April

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Painted ceiling, Coptic Monastery of St Simeon, Aswan
(7th Century AD)


Ian Shaw's email re the postponement of the 2013 season of the Gurob Harem Palace Project posted on Egyptology News blog at

Vast Kushite royal palace (5000 sq m) found on Nile betwn 3rd & 4th cataracts in Sonijat, Tergis, Sudan. Archaiologia

Looting and the black market

Young Egyptians start “Stop the heritage drain” campaign to prevent loss of Egypt's heritage. Daily News Egypt

Egyptian authorities seized 5 AE coffins, 63 statues and c.5000 coins in Beni Suef governorate. Xinhuanet via MENA  


Hixenbaugh Ancient Art Presents Recently Acquired Royal Ushabti of the Viceroy of Kush, Hori. With photo. SFGate

Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim, inaugurated Assiut's first national museum. allafrica .com

HMNS Ancient Egypt Hall has partnered with multiple museums to create "permanently changing" display. culturemap  

Will a museum studies degree help you get a job in a museum? UCL Museums and Collections  


Mummy of an AE woman, believed to be at least 2,500 years old, has been scanned in Ohio. Columbus Dispatch  

More re Nature article: Mummy genetics study may enable widespread genome mapping of Ancient Egyptians. Huff Post

What links the evolution of language to the collection of baboon figurines at the Petrie Museum of Egyptology? UCL  

The digital Gurob Ship-Cart Model, an open access digital supplement to Shelley Wachsmann's book. vizin .org  

Biblical Blame Shift - Is the Egyptologist Jan Assmann Fueling Anti-Semitism? Chronicle of Higher Education

Essay on Margaret Benson, first woman to gain right to excavate in Egypt, in 1895:


Egypt lifts ban on Luxor ballooning, although company that owned crashed balloon still grounded. IOL News  

Strike in front of the Karnak temple in Luxor has ended after officers heard the strikers' demands. Daily News Egypt

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