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Egyptology News 12th-14th May 2013

Copied from @egyptologynews

Beautifully preserved Faiyum Neolithic basket
British Museum
Registration number: 1927,0312.10
BM/Big number: EA58696


Halfway into the Spring season at Gebel el Silsila, with some lovely photographs from the project team. http://bit.ly/10pL8HY

Más hallazgos, Oxirrinco: un posible nilómetro, cripta con pinturas coptas, una esfinge y peces sagrados. Vanguardia http://bit.ly/125x8We 


Useful overview of the new theory re why pyramids are collapsing. Structural Engineering Mag http://bit.ly/YG1WQH 

More Coptic Manuscripts (Sahidic fragments) from Monastery of Apa Shenoute (White Monastery) at Gallica. Alin Suciu http://bit.ly/138sjdX

Un uovo di struzzo mette in discussione la datazione delle piramidi di Giza? (dating of pyramids) Sotterannai do Roma http://bit.ly/19hNGwX 

Karnak Project. Dépouillement exhaustif des documents et inscriptions de Karnak collationnées sur l’original. CFEETK http://bit.ly/10tu7wy 

Local cemetery expansion in Akhmim threatens site of Ramesses II, forcing authorities to place items in storage. Ahram Online http://bit.ly/12nokwH 

As Egypt's tourism industry languishes, antiquities under threat. Gadling http://aol.it/10I9jak 

National Geographic releases documentary behind CINTEC's Pyramid of Djoser project. World Architecture News http://bit.ly/13ejG1F 


The Institute of Archaeology Annual Conference will take place 20-21 May on the topic of 'Forming Material Egypt' UCL http://bit.ly/18AUOqF 

5th International Fayum-Conference, 29 May – 1 June 2013, Leipzig. http://nadine-quenouille.de/fayum/ 
Overview of aspects of “Dialogue of Civilizations” conference that looked at 5 ancient cultures. National Geographic http://bit.ly/13PinZ9 

Museums and exhibitions

Grand Egyptian Museum pushing forward with the allocation of a 4-year O&M consultancy contract Yahoo http://yhoo.it/10VAzfQ 

In Spanish. Traveling exhibition, El Museo de Abu Simbel, with a copy of the RII temple. http://bit.ly/12rdN3p  and http://bit.ly/10KCN7B 

Travel and Tourism

Egypt tourism still struggling despite upswing: Industry insiders. Ahram Online http://bit.ly/13bLNhL 

Some common sense comments and advice about visitor safety in Egypt. Via @maraegypt. Mara House Luxor http://marahouseluxor.com/is-it-safe-to-go-to-egypt/ …

Travel: Tourists chanting/meditating to what they believe is enlightenment through mystical experience. Egypt Today http://bit.ly/11l71Ku 

Online resources

Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online provides vetted and standardized architectural drawings of various sites. AWOL http://bit.ly/18F425f 


A Dec 2012 article, but it makes still-relevant points about Egypt's ongoing environmental issues. Egypt Today http://bit.ly/ZYW7fX 

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