Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dental Problems in Ancient Egypt
You will either need to be a paying subscriber to see more of this New Scientist article, or pick up a copy of the print edition. I am a New Scientist subscriber, and it is a good article, so worth looking out for the magazine itself. "Amenhotep III was one of ancient Egypt's greatest pharaohs. His rule was a golden age, when the Egyptian empire was powerful, peaceful and fabulously wealthy. He built palaces and temples and raised statues to the gods. He wanted to be remembered. And he is, but probably not the way he intended. More than 3000 years after he died, Amenhotep is famous for his terrible teeth. X-rays of the pharaoh's mummy reveal a gruesome set. Amenhotep must have endured years of pain. His teeth gave him hell - every mouthful was agony, every meal an ordeal. So why didn't he see a dentist?"

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