Thursday, June 30, 2005

Al Sakakini Palace transformed into medical museum

"Two years ago, the SCA decided to turn Al Sakakini Palace into a museum for the history of medicine and pharmacology. It was only this year that the decision was put into effect.Although the display catalogue of the museum has already been prepared, studies are still underway to examine the strength of the palace foundations since the building is constructed on clay, just as is the case with many Islamic structures. The palace was also damaged by the l992 earthquake. If the outcome of these studies is positive, restoration will start immediately. . . . . The museum will relate the history of medicine from the time of the ancient Egyptians up until now. It will include a collection from the Islamic museum that consists of surgical tools, scales that were used to weigh drugs, perfumes and ointment, two manuscripts by the great historian Abdul Salam Al Husseini, and rare medical prescriptions". The Medical Museum will also contain collections from more recent times. See the article for more.

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