Thursday, June 30, 2005

Exhibitions due to close shortly in Barcelona
Two exhibitions in the Egyptology Museum of Barcelona (Museu Egipci de Barcelona), for anyone going over there in the near future, are due to close on July 10th, so if you get the chance to go, now is the time. The main site is written in Catalan, but these exhibition pages are written in Castillian (Spanish). The two exhibitions are
  • Tutankhamon: Imágenes de un tesoro bajo el desierto egipcio (Images of a treasure beneath the Egyptian desert): "A Harry Burton, fotógrafo del equipo de Carter, le debemos miles de imágenes de la tumba. Entre ellas, para la creación de la exposición, se han seleccionado 65 fotografías, cuyos originales se sometieron a las más modernas tecnologías digitales" (Very roughly translated as: To Harry Burton, phogotrapher on Carter's team, we owe thousands of images of the tomb. 65 photographs have been chosen from the total collection for this exhbition, which have been digitally upgraded).
  • Joyas De Faraones: Tesoros de magia, poder y belleza (jewells of the Pharaohs: Treasures of magic, power and beauty).

See the site for more information (in Spanish and Catalan). Barcelona is a terrific city - if you get the chance to go there and to see these exhbitions at the same time, I will be seriously envious!

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