Friday, August 26, 2005

Here comes Hatshepsut

"The Kimbell Art Museum has announced that Hatshepsut, the most powerful female ruler of ancient Egypt, will be the subject of a show at the museum next year. Hatshepsut was more than a queen regent warming the throne for her offspring. She claimed the rights and full entitlements of pharaoh in the traditionally patriarchal society. Her reign lasted for almost two decades (c. 1479-1458 B.C.). Egypt -- and its arts -- prospered under her control. Approximately 300 objects including statuary, reliefs, sculptures, ceremonial objects and jewelry will be included in the exhibit. After her death, all images of her were destroyed by her stepson and nephew Tuthmosis III, who struck her name from the list of kings. Before it opens at the Kimbell on Aug. 27, 2006, Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh will make stops at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the deYoung Museum in San Francisco".
This is the complete bulletin on the website

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