Saturday, August 27, 2005

Trivia Round-up

Shirley MacLaine's Dog
"Meet Terry, the rat terrier, best friend and traveling companion of Shirley Maclaine, 1984 Oscar Best Actress and 10-time Golden Globe awardee. At 71, Maclaine has been acting for five decades. . . . In the course of our interview with Shirley at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, we learn that Terry, in one of her previous lives, was an Egyptian who knew our colleague, today’s press con moderator, back in those days. Our Egyptian peer, it turned out, was a pharaoh. It is that kind of afternoon". Read the article for more!

Time Travelling Pharaoh "In a move to launch its comic books and animated programming in the United States while maintaining its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, Jordan Udko will head the U.S. office as vice president business development. . . . A princess of darkness, a time-traveling pharaoh and an ancient Arabian swordsmen were some of the characters first created by AK founder Ayman Kandeel, an Egyptian economics professor at Cairo University".

The Mummy - Collector's Edition "Universal comes through (as usual) with a loaded-with-extras, terrific collector's edition version of the recently updated version of The Mummy". A full review both of the original movie and the collector edition extras is shown on the above page.

The Last Days of Cleopatra - On Stage
"In The Last Days of Cleopatra, three actors are not only required to bring Elizabeth Taylor (Anna Roberts), Richard Burton (Michael Deleget), and Rex Harrison (Christopher LaCroix) to life, they must do so in a musical about the filming of the 1963 epic Cleopatra. It's a tall order, and only Roberts succeeds, specifically when her cadences match those of the screen legend. But one resists Deleget's attempt to re-create Burton's lush Welsh intonations and LaCroix's effort to achieve Harrison's signature suave urbanity, particularly as costume designer Georgette Feldman keeps Harrison in a toga throughout".

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