Sunday, August 07, 2005

Travel Guide Review: Illustrated Guide to Luxor

The Illustrated Guide to Luxor Tombs, Temples, and Museums by Kent R. Weeks "is much more than just a guide to the sites of the ancient city of Luxor. It includes, in extensive detail, information about the tombs and temples of certain areas that are unavailable in regular guidebooks. Every single page features at least one illustration — ranging from maps, photographs, paintings and drawings — corresponding to the respective site being discussed. The guide is organized by monument, and the sites on the West Bank of the Nile are ordered chronologically by type (temple, royal tomb, private tomb). The information is easy to follow and a glossary of Egyptology terms is included to further help the reader. It is ideal for any traveler wishing to obtain a deeper understanding of the area, but can be equally enjoyed by those who only dream of visiting Luxor".
This is the entire review on the Tour Egypt website.

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